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Learning Names

People will memorise all of the participants’ names in a short period of time.

< 20 pers.

30 min.


A participant starts by saying an adjective and his/her name. Both words have to start with the same letter, for example, playful Peter. This will help the memory to make connections and memorise the name. The next participant repeats all of the previous names and adjectives and adds his/her adjective and name at the end of the list: playful Peter, agreeable Anna, tardy Tom, lazy Lee. And so on.


The trainer has to stimulate participants who have finished to not just lay back but to help the other group members.


Other words can be used in place of adjectives, for example, a favourite places or favourite things to do.

Movements may also be used instead of words: “I am Peter and I (starts yawning, stands on one leg, jumps up…).”

This work by Toms Urdze is licensed under
CC BY-SA 4.0