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Feedback & Evaluation



A method for giving and receiving feedback in a group.


An easy to use tool for gaining feedback and increasing the participants’ co-responsibility.

Mud Slinging

This method promotes “fixing things before they are broken”.

, Problem solving & Planning Change

Receiving and Evaluating Feedback

Tips for receiving and evaluating feedback.

Stage by Stage

A chronological presentation of the course content provides an opportunity to give a final review of what has been achieved.

Ofman's Core quality model

Strengths and Pitfalls

This is a simpler version of Ofman’s core value model, which highlights the link between a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of one’s “pitfalls” helps to put to better use the underlying strengths.

, Problem solving & Planning Change

Unfinished Sentences

This is an easy and effective method for getting feed back on the course.

, Relating to Learners’ Lifes