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Active Listening

Active Listening and Questioning Techniques

Tips for active listening and an overview of different questioning techniques.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feed back offers the participants and teacher the opportunity to learn about how others have perceived their actions (positively and negatively). Also feed back enables people to check whether their perceptions about colleagues are actually true.
Communication levels

Levels of Communication

People usually have a simplistic view of how communication between persons takes place: one person is the “transmitter” of a message or information, and the second person is the “recipient” of that message or information. The many misunderstandings and conflicts between people prove that in practice things tend to be more complicated.

Managing Conflicts

The article describes conflict resolution strategies and explores the role of the leader in a conflict situation.
Presenting information

Presenting Information

The German researcher Peter Wellhöfer recommends the following actions to make the communication process more effective.