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Examples from Life

Gained information is applied to real-life situations and gives the participants the possibility to relate the course content to their own experiences.

< 20 pers.

60 min.

Paper and pens for taking notes, flipchart paper


Participants split into groups of four to six people. Each participant receives a description of a situation that relates to the current topic. This material description can be prepared by the trainer or taken from a newspaper, book, or website. The same text may be given to each group, thereby allowing for a comparison of results; alternatively, each group may be given a different text, which allows the topic to be considered from a variety of aspects. Along with the text participants also receive guiding questions to be discussed within the small groups. Initially, each participant delves into the task individually. Next, each group member presents his/her initial responses to the small group, which is followed by a discussion about what the individual responses had in common and how they differed. Finally, each small group decides what aspects of their findings and work they will share with the large group.


A video clip may be used in place of a text.

Instead of providing a text, participants analyse examples from their own lives.

This work by Toms Urdze is licensed under
CC BY-SA 4.0