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An easy to use tool for gaining feedback and increasing the participants’ co-responsibility.

< 20 pers.

5 – 10 min.


After finishing a stage in the course, the teacher asks the participants to give a short feed back, for example, “How do you feel about what we have done so far?” or “What did you like and what did you not like about today’s course?”

Participants respond one by one. Their feed back should be short and to the point, consisting of only one or two sentences. All members of the group should express their views. Neither the teacher nor other participants comment upon other participants’ responses. If necessary, a final discussion can take place after this exercise.


If applied regularly during the course, this method is a good tool for increasing the participants’ co-responsibility about the course because they see that their feed back is welcome and acknowledged.

If the group will work for a longer period of time, the teacher might want to familiarise the participants with Principles for giving and receiving feed back.

This method can be used in case of conflict between group members as a tool to involve the whole group and learn about the different perspectives regarding the situation.

This work by Toms Urdze is licensed under
CC BY-SA 4.0