About Metodes.lv

Metodes.lv is a platform where to share results from various projects in which I have been involved.

The site's core forms my book "To be. To do. To know. - A compilation of adult education and facilitation methods" (in Latvian) - published in 1999 by the Latvian Adult Education Association (LAEA). At that time it became a popular resource among adult educators in Latvia, but in 2001 it was also published in Estonia. Around that time the first website with the book's content went online.

In 2003 I was involved in another project by LAEA, in which we created a 160 training course for adult educators. In the accompanying book "KomPas - Manual for Adult Educators" were published the first versions of the articles on communication, group dynamics, and teaching, that can be found on Metodes.lv.

In 2012 I wrote another manual - this time for Serbian adult educators, in the framework of the project “The Second Chance – Systemic Development of Elementary Practice Based Adult Education in Serbia”. This was a good opportunity to update the theoratical articles and the list of methods. In 2015 the manual was translated in published in the Ukraine.

In 2015 and 2016 I was involved in two projects for the Baltic retail operator Rimi. In the framework of the first project a small book was created "Handbook for implementing Rimi values", which contained activities, methods, and tools to help implement Rimi values in the company. The later project resulted in a "learning guide", which contains methods and resources for planning, implementing, and evaluating the learning process.

Most of the methods and thoughts included in Metodes.lv are closely linked to my long experience in conducting seminars and workshops (for more than 20 years now) for a wide range of target groups.

Toms Urdze

About me (Toms Urdze)

Attēls: Toms Urdze

! was born and grew up in Germany. After graduating from the Latvian Gymnasium in Muenster, I studied adult education at the University of Oldenburg and got involved in a number of social projects in Latvia. In 1995 I moved to Latvia. Since then I work in the field of adult education. Much of this work has been with the Latvian Adult Education Association, of which I was Chairman of the Board for three years. As an adult educator and trainers my main focus are topics related to teaching and learning, but for the past 15 years I have also been designing and implementing team development trainings.

I have been involved in the designing of a number of training programmes for adult educators and I am the author of a number of learning resources. These include a handbook for adult educators that was first published in Serbia and later translated and published by the DVV International office in Ukraine.

Educational technologies have always played an important role in my practice. This includes the design and implementation of two European projects, within which a Moodle-based support platform for language trainers in adult education was created. I am currently a methodological expert at the Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, where I support teachers in the adaptation of educational technologies and the development of online courses.

I regularly take part in the assessment of projects in the fields of adult education for the European Commission.

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