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Here you will find articles, descriptions of methods, and other materials related to leadership, planning and teaching. is a free resource for teachers, trainers, leaders, and other people working with groups.


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Grupas dinamika

These articles explain what happens when people communicate with each other and offer tips for improving one’s communication skills.

Group Dynamics & Team Building

Izglītības tehnoloģijas

These articles will help to understand undermining processes in a group and outline actions for influencing them.

How to Teach – What Do Good Adult Educators Do?

Kā mācīt?

A series of articles about teaching.


Kā mācīties?

Here you will find a number of selected links to useful and inspiring Latvian and English websites.

Methods and Tools

Feedback & Evaluation


Methods for organising feed back and assessing impact.

Getting to Know Each Other & Ice Breaking


Methods for familiarising, overcoming tension, learning about expectations, and giving participants a break in the teaching process.

Interaction & Sharing Experience


Methods for facilitating participants’ sharing of knowledge and experience.

Learning Strategies

Brain circuit

Techniques and strategies for effective learning.

Moderation & Structuring of Information

Sign post

Methods for moderating discussions and facilitating group work.

Problem solving & Planning Change

Methods for problem analysis, brain storming, goal setting and planning.

Relating to Learners’ Lifes


Methods for connecting information to the work and life of the learner.